What’s new in Syncdocs 0.52

Because we’ve made quite a few changes to Syncdocs, here’s a quick tour of the new features:

(The full list is here.)

Selective Sync

EDIT:  The selective sync option has been improved. See here for a more recent post.

Often you don’t want to sync your whole Google Docs to your PC. The selective sync feature lets you choose what Google collections you want to sync. The rest are ignored.

You can also use selective sync to ignore folders that other Google Docs users have shared with you.

Here’s how to control it:

Right click on the Syncdocs taskbar icon and select preferences.

Setting selective collection folder sync

Click on the “Sync” tab, and select “Select…”

Wait a few seconds while Syncdocs finds all the top-level (root) Google folders and folders shared with you.

Google docs and shared folders

You can then select what you want synced. Only the checked folders are synced. Folders others have shared with you appear at the bottom of the list, and have a sharing folder icon.

Some notes of selective sync

If you de-select a folder you have already synced, it just stops being synced locally. Syncdocs does not delete it locally, it just ignores it.

Other new Sync Menu controls

If you want to globally disable syncing of new files others have shared with you, disable the checkbox “Sync new files and folders shared to me by others.” This disables syncing of new files that you do not own. Existing files that have been shared are still synced.

Cutomized Sync Control

These options let you just sync data up to Google or down to your PC, for a one way sync.

Not syncing renames and deletions will re-copy any deleted files and duplicate renamed files.

Sync Timing

This lets you select how often Syncs happen.

Setting google docs backup schedule

  • Normal. Syncdocs normally syncs when files are changed.
  • Very low bandwidth. If you are on a slow network link, then syncs will happen less often. Don’t use if you want real-time collaboration with others.
  • Backup. Syncdocs does one sync a day, at the time you specified. This lets you do a scheduled backup to Google Docs or a scheduled backup to your PC or servers. If your computer is turned off at this time, no sync will occur.
  • Manual. Only sync when you click “Start” or “Force Sync now”

With any of these options you can always make Syncdocs sync by clicking “Start” or “Force Sync now”

Other changes and fixes

  • Account management is better. Account wiping now supported. Also switch to another Google account easily, Syncdocs keeps separate settings for each account.
  • The right click menu lets you create new documents or emails.

create new google docs and email

  • Fixed a bug where Syncdocs re-synced just after download. This caused extra syncing.
  • To stop the frequent update messages, Syncdocs now has an option “Ask me before updating program”.  Default is to auto-update silently.
  • More robust Google server error handling including, SSL restarts, 503 handling during deletes, 403 forbidden errors during downloads thresholded.
  • Real-time Word collaboration works better, better help now shown if couldn’t merge.
  • New Google API integrated. This means a smaller .NET library is needed. Google drawing support is also better, although raster formats (.png and jpeg) work better than vector (svg).
  • Users can now turn off file verification for speed, but it is not recommended.
  • Slightly lower peak memory usage
  • Portable USB version updated
  • lots of other minor fixes

How to upgrade

Your old version should ask if you want to update automatically in the next few days, if you want the fixes now, go to Syncdocs Preferences -> Advanced -> “Check for Updates”

You can also download the new version and install it over the old one.

As usual, we welcome your feedback here or on the forums

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