Syncdocs Now Supports Google 2-Step Authentication on all Accounts

Previously only Premium users could use the enhanced security of Google 2-Step phone text message verification with Syncdocs.

Recent Google and Syncdocs changes mean it now works for everyone.

To get it going with Syncdocs you’ll two things: The latest 0.53 version of Syncdocs, and what’s known as an “Application specific password”.

To get the latest version of Syncdocs

Check what version you’re running – right click on the taskbar icon and click on About.

If your version is 0.53. or above then you’re ready.  If not, then the old version should ask if you want to update automatically in the next few days. To update now, go to Syncdocs Preferences -> Advanced -> “Check for Updates”

You can also download the new version and install it over the old one.

Setup your Google and your Phone

For background on Google 2-Step settings, look here.

To setup application specific passwords, visit Google, click on “My Account” and then “Using 2-Step verification”. Follow Google’s instructions.

Get your Password for Syncdocs

To get a Syncdocs specific password, visit:

Enter “Syncdocs” in the field shown below and then click “Generate Password”

Get the password from the field and enter it into Syncdocs in the password field in Syncdocs setup or in Preferences.

To Revoke Syncdocs Access

To revoke Syncdocs access to your Google Docs account visit: and click on “Revoke”

As usual, we welcome your feedback here or on the forums

8 Responses to Syncdocs Now Supports Google 2-Step Authentication on all Accounts

  • Iren says:

    Thank you for this great program! I recently found out about it and I’m very excited. You really should market it as ‘Dropbox for Google Docs’ 😉 Now I can truly enjoy my paid storage at Google, this sync tool is what I was dreaming about. Good luck!

  • CodeKing says:

    OpenSource your program on and I will help port your program to Linux (Ubuntu), MacOSX, Android, and iPhone.

  • Carlos says:

    Hello, i am developing an application to upload file to google accounts using google drive api, but i’ve a problem with my account in a domain, when try to upload i get the error: “The domain policy has disabled third-party Drive apps”.

    If i use Syncdocs i don’t get that error with the same account. Could you tell me if i need to use special library or parameter?


  • Stephen says:

    Looks fab so far!
    – from a quick trial run, doing just what I wanted:
    1-way upload mirror (i.e. clone) of what’s on my PC (selected folder only) uploaded to Google Drive,
    without downloading from GD and without leaving stuff on GD that’s not on my PC.

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