How to Encrypt Google Drive

Enhance Google Drive Privacy and Security

Since the announcement of Google Drive there has been some concern over the privacy and security of online file storage.secret files

We’re happy to announce that Syncdocs now supports full Google Drive encryption of any file or folder using strong encryption.

This means that your files are visible only to you, or those who have your password. No-one else can decrypt your data.

End-to-End encryption for Google Drive

The encryption is done locally, on your computer, not on Google’s cloud. This is important, as it means no unencrypted data ever leaves your PC. As long as your PC is secure, so is your data. Anyone spying on your Google Drive will only see encrypted files which are useless to them.

Learn more on Google Drive Encryption with Syncdocs

  • Encryption of Google Drive is pretty easy to use. Files are encrypted transparently. You simply set a password and your files are stored online using strong encryption. Here’s a quick start guide
  • There’s more detailed information on the Google Drive encryption settings
  • Sharing and syncing encrypted files with many PC’s and Google users is easy.
  • There is also a Google Drive Encryption FAQ for common questions.