Sharing Docs from your Desktop

Three easy steps

Syncdocs now lets you share any file or folder on the web. Here’s how:

1. Right click on file, select “Share in Google Docs”

2.Select who can view and edit it

3.(Optional) share the link

That’s all there is to it – the desktop file is now shared on the web!

Other ways of sharing

Syncdocs also creates a special folder inside your Google Docs folder. Anything you put in here is shared.

To share a file, simply copy it into this special folder:

Or save it in this folder from an application, for example, publish straight from Microsoft Word:

There is also a “Photos” sub folder for quick sharing of photos albums and image galleries online.

More Details

Folders are shared in the same ways as files. If your folder has many files and sub-folders in it, it can take a while for everything to be uploaded to Google.

Your files are private by default, visible only to you, unless you specify otherwise.

If the item you share is already on Google Docs, Syncdocs intelligently uses that copy.

“Quick Share” button is meant for quick sharing, and does not show you all the sharing options. You can set special rights to various users, send them email notifications, add groups, specify domain wide share and unshare via the “Advanced” button.

Your Google Apps domain admin can limit the scope of your sharing. Syncdocs abides by these rules.

Disabling Syncdocs Sharing

To disable sharing, uncheck this option:

This disables the right click and un-shares items copied into the shared folder. Items shared in other ways on Google remain shared.


This is a new brand-new feature, so we’d love your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to comment below or on the forum.

4 Responses to Sharing Docs from your Desktop

  • thor says:

    In an office environment using google apps, would the best scenario be:
    1. server with files locally in a common drive (e.g “S:”)
    2. syncdocs program on server, connecting “S” drive to generic Google apps account with extra storage purchased
    3. office workers have access to server “S” when in the office
    4. office workers use Google apps (docs) to connect to the generic Gapps-docs share folder for out-of-office usage

    Does this sound right? Else having syncdocs on each persons laptop would sync the entire common drive/Gdocs folder with their machine.

    Thanks, Thor.

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