Why we created Syncdocs

Google Docs is a great product – an easy way to share documents and files and access them from anywhere. When I first tried it I was disappointed, though – there was no easy way to take my data with me.  I could “Go Google” as the advertising suggests, but I’d have to start afresh, I could only upload and convert a few documents at a time.

It was hard for me or our company to “Go Google” if all our data stayed behind.

We could use Google Docs to publish documents and files, but if we’d created them the old way using MS Office, the process was clumsy.  Also, if collaborators made changes, these were hard to bring back and collate. We tried using other third party products to help, but found that Google Docs integration was awkward.

Luckily, Google published a data API. Using this API, we created Syncdocs which simply lets us get on with our work, while keeping our documents in sync.

We have the same workflow we always had, and can use the office software we already know. But we now get the ability to easily share and collaborate with others, to view your data from any web device and the peace of mind of automated backups.

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