How to convert all Google Drive docs to Microsoft Office with a one-way sync

We are often asked how to setup Syncdocs to create local backup by 1 way sync that converts all Google Drive files to MS Office.

I'm wanting to make a backup of my files as part of my handover when I
move onto a different role.

How can I setup Syndocs to create a local backup via a 1 way sync that
converts all files to MS office locally while leaving them as whatever
the original native format they are stored in (either google docs or
MS Office) on google drive.

Here is how to do setup a 1 way Google Drive sync.
The best way to do this is to uncheck these options on the Syncdocs Preferences Sync Tab:

Google Drive one way sync

and set the following settings in the Conversion option in the Files Tab:

Google Drive Format Control

Syncdocs only syncs changed or newer files by default. If you have had Syncdocs running before, then either:
1. Force a re-sync by quitting Syncdocs, deleting the local sync folder(s) and then restarting Syncdocs,
2. Change the primary Sync folder to a new location in the Folders tab:

Google Drive Folder

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