How-to Move Google Drive files to USB

Rus asks:

I have about 40GB of google drive files in my PC, I would like to move that to USB and use Syncdocs. How to move the files to syncdocs without having to download the full files again. Please help.

It’s quite easy to do, just make sure that you keep the folder structure hierarchy.

Syncdocs can sync some Google Drive folders from the USB and some from your drive.

So if your existing Google Drive looks like this:
and you want to move Folder2 and Folder3 to USB do the following.
1. Exit the Google Drive sync client
2. Move Folder2 and Folder3 to your USB drive
3. Install Syncdocs. Syncdocs will automatically detect that you had Google’s Google Drive client installed and use its sync folder.
4. At the last screen of Syncdocs install, click on the option below:


5. Then click on Select folders


6. And then on Add folder – and add Folder2 from the USB drive. Repeat step 6 for all the folders on your USB drive.


That’s it. If you already have Syncdocs installed you can just click on Syncdocs taskbar icon, and select Preferences to see exactly the same menu as in step 5.


If you want to archive some of these folders, just uncheck them from the above menu and they will stay archived on Google Drive. You can also use the advanced options sown below to only upload or download if you want.





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