Syncdocs – minor Google Drive sync update

We’ve just released a minor update of Syncdocs. This version has the following fixes:

1. Improved compatibility with the new Google Photos service, Google has tweaked the API and Syncdocs supports these tweaks. We are still working on allowing user-specified compression levels.
2. Fix for minor error: Fix for case where unshared Google Drive file was deleted by user A then wiped from trash by non-owner user B on Google Drive and deleted locally while Syndocs was not running. Then Syncdocs was run, error would be shown that the file could not be deleted.

We are still on track to release the next major version of Syncdocs (version 6) with many improvements next month.

How to Update

The upgrade is free and will happen automatically. The old Syncdocs version should ask if you want to update automatically in the next few days.

To update now, right click on the Syncdocs taskbar icon, go to Preferences -> Advanced -> “Check for Updates”. (Note that the update might not be immediately available if the server load if high.)

You can also download the new version and install it over the old one.

The 64 bit and portable versions are also updated to 5.988.
– The 64 bit version bypasses the memory limitations and lets you sync an almost unlimited number (hundreds of billions) of files to Google Drive.
– The portable version lets you run from and sync to files on a USB memory stick.


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