Backup to Google Drive at Login or on Schedule

Many of our users use Google Drive strictly for backup purposes. They want an option that backs up to Google Drive at login and then stops syncing until the next login.

This is easy to do with Syncdocs. The simplest method is to start Syncdocs at login via a batch file in your startup folder. The batch file should contain a line:
SyncdocsPath\Syncdocs.exe –OnlyRunSyncOnce

The Syncdocs command line option to run once is –OnlyRunSyncOnce. This option is not case sensitive.

Standard shell error reporting is supported, exit code 0 means no problems, 1 a serious error.

If you want to run at external app when syncing is done, Syncdocs can run any external program to do this after the sync to notify you. Here’s how:

If you want to send an email at the end of a sync, then you can do so via your mail client. Here’s how in Thunderbird:

If you wish to run Syncdocs regularly, say for backup purposes, once a day, you can add an item to the Windows scheduler, or via the Syncdocs Preferences menu.

This lets you sync once a day at the time that you specify.



Schedule Google Drive syncs


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