Domain Migration for Google Apps

Moving your data from one Google account to another

Sometimes you need to move your Google Docs from one account to another. There are a few reasons you might want to transfer your files from one account to a new one:

  • You might want to move from a free Google Docs GMail based account to a hosted Google Apps account.
  • Your company might have a new domain because of a name change or merger.
  • You are consolidating multiple Google Accounts into a single account.

 An easy way to migrate Google Docs is by using Syncdocs.

How to migrate users across Google Apps domains

1. Install Syncdocs normally, and sync normally.

2. Right click on the Syncdocs taskbar icon, and select “Advanced Options’ and then the “Account” tab.


3. Replace the “Google username” with the the username of your new account or account on the new Google Apps domain. Enter your new password too.

4. Click on “OK”.

5. Click on “OK” when the pop-up tells you your Google account will be changed.

6. Close the preferences and let Syncdocs migrate your data.


You’re done! All your files, folders and Google documents have been migrated from the old account (or domain) to the new one.

Advanced migration settings

Folder selection

If you don’t want to migrate all your folders or collections, after step 5 above, choose the folders you want to migrate. You can do this by selecting the folders in the “Folders” tab.


Keep two Google Domains Synchronized

If you want to keep two Google Docs accounts on different domains in sync, then do this instead:

1. In step 2 above, click on the “Wizard” button to make a new Syncdocs account.

2. In this wizard, enter the new Google account name, but enter the existing folder.

3. Follow the instructions on multiple account simultaneous sync. This shows how to sync multiple accounts at the same time.

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