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Web Reviews

“SyncDocs brings Google Docs to your PC” – ComputerWorld

“10 must-have tools for Cloud power users” – CIO Magazine

“Mature, reliable software” – PC Casey Japan

“5 out of 5 stars – Essential” – FindMySoft

“An easier way to upload new files” The Kim Komando Show

“SyncDocs keeps your Google Docs library in sync for easy access.” – Life Hacker

“This bridges the gap in making Google Apps as easily accessible desktop app” – tBreak Technology

“SyncDocs seamlessly integrates Google Docs with WindowsTechnix Update

“Syncdocs makes sharing and collaboration with your fellow team members a lot easier” –

“SyncDocs offers an easy way to back up Google Docs” – CMSWire

“Make your own Chromebook, without giving up Windows ” – ExtremeTech

“lets Microsoft Office on your desktop play nice with Google Docs in the cloud.” – PCWorld

“adds the features that power users need to make the cloud work” – TechPageOne

 “SyncDocs synchronizes the files on your computer and those in your Google Docs account effortlessly for total file management bliss.” – How-To Geek


Tweets about Syncdocs

tweets about syncdocs“Just discovered I’m enjoying how they make google drive a lot more automatic!” – @stagelight17

“@syncdocs I’m impressed. You guys are putting in a damn good case to stick with you over the official syncing application” – @venzkev

 “All my Google Docs are now completely synced with my laptop and desktop – integrated into work flow – totally” – @sharonbetz

“This program is awesome for keeping your Google Docs in sync with your computer” – @DMango

“I LOVE @Syncdocs! I am finally using my GDocs as storage – For real. It’s Free.” – @LindseyCH

“Syncdocs was just upgraded – seems to be working even better than before. Go buy your extra-big Google account and start syncing now!” – @GaryCrab


Google Apps Marketplace User Reviews

“One more step towards making Google a complete IT solution. Well done.” – Cullen

“This app allows me to do everything Dropbox does and stay in my Google world. Thank YOU!”  – bsp

“Better than google drive” – Joe

“I must congratulate you on doing a better job than Google at its own service, it’s quite an impressive feat.” – Juan