Use Google Docs with Syncdocs to Access your Data Anywhere

Multiple PCs can run SyncdocsCloud sync

If you install Syncdocs on multiple PC’s then they can all use Google as a central data repository. Any change you make on one PC is Synced to the rest.

Use it if you have multiple devices.

Or use it if you want to share with others, and not have to worry about their hardware or even file format!

There’s only one version of your doc, not many email attachments to collate.

A Document takes a Journey

Your document is accessible on almost any device with a web connection.

  • 7 devices,
  • 6 operating systems,
  • 6 document editors
  • 1 document on the Google cloud


It starts out on Microsoft Word 2010 on Windows 7

Word 2010


Gets uploaded to Google Docs and edited in Mozilla

Word to Google Docs Sync


Then an iPhone user makes an edit

iphone sync Syncdocs


Then an Amazon Kindle user

Kindle google sync


Then someone running Windows XP and Internet Explorer uses Google Docs


The same XP user uses Syncdocs to sync and makes an edit in Microsoft Wordpad

Wordpad google docs sync


Another user uses Syncdocs under Ubuntu Linux and makes an edit in Open Office Writer

Syncdocs linux open office


Yet another user is running Syncdocs on XP and Office 2003

Office 2003 Syncdocs Word sync


Finally Syncdocs merges back onto Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

Syncdocs Word merge


And Word can track all these changes

Word merge and track syncdocs changes


Now its your turn

The document above is shared on:

Please edit it on your device and send us a screenshot to add. We’ll see how many unique devices we can run it on. Android and MacOS come to mind for starters…