Syncdocs Licensing FAQ


How is Syncdocs licensed?

Syncdocs is licensed on a per user basis.

The identifier for the user account is the Google Drive, Docs, Apps or Gmail email account.

We place no restrictions on how many machines you install a single license on. You can install a single license on as many PCs as you like to keep them in sync.

Do I get free upgrades?

Your licence entitles you to free upgrades within the same product series within a year of purchase. If you have a yearly subscription, then you always get free upgrades to the latest version.

How do I buy Syncdocs?

Go here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover and many others).  We also support PayPal (with or without a PayPal account). We also support PayMate and Bitcoin.

We use PayPal as our primary credit card payment processor. This gives you the security of using one of the world’s largest payment processors and means you do not have to divulge your credit card details to us.

If you don’t like or want to use PayPal, we provide other payment methods.

Note that you do not need a PayPal account to purchase via PayPal.

If you have a large order and wish to pay by other means, please contact us.

Can I use Google Checkout?

Sorry, no. Google Checkout is unfortunately not supported yet, as it is only currently available to US and UK-based companies, and we are based in Australia. Google promises Australian support soon, and when they do, we will support it.

Do you sell Google Storage?

No, we don’t, but you can buy extra storage space for your files from Google here.

I have a lot of licenses to add and don’t want to enter them individually

Click on “Submit a list…” on the purchase form. This lets you paste a list of emails for bulk upload.

What about domain licences?

Please contact us if you want a domain licence. We offer these at a large discount.

What about reselling or partnering?

Please contact us if you want to sell Syncdocs to your clients. We offer these at a large discount and let you add your own custom branding.

What about educational, charity or not-for profit?

Please contact us about this. We typically donate to charities and non-profits for free, and give large discounts on educational licenses, but do not provide end-user support for free licences.

Can I rename or transfer my license to another email?

Yes, here are instructions for transferring your license. For more information, there’s a guided walk-through of transferring accounts.

I made a mistake with the email I entered when I purchased

You can fix incorrect emails provided you still have access to the email you used when paying (normally your Paypal email).

Do you provide refunds?

Please note that we do not provide refunds. You can download fully functional trial versions of all our products and we encourage you evaluate them before making the decision to purchase. We also do not provide partial refunds for parts of a subscription not used, so if you no longer wish to use Syncdocs, please cancel your subscription before renewal is due.  You can fix account errors if you entered the wrong account name at signup.

Is my transaction safe?

Yes. All transactions are encrypted using TLS/SSL, the same security as online banking. We do not collect any credit card information; this is done by our payment processors, PayPal or PayMate which are PCI certified secure.



What licensing options are available?

Syncdocs currently comes in two versions:

  1. The free version
  2. The standard, registered version.

What is the difference between these?

All features are enabled in the standard registered version. There is no Syncdocs limit on the number of files you can sync.

The free version works the same as the standard version for the first 14 days. After that, the free version is limited in the number of files you can sync to Google automatically.  This is initially set to 500 files. Free users can increase this quota up to 10,000 files by inviting friends here.

The beta version is the “grandfathered” version that was being used for beta testing. Beta users upgrade onto the full standard version until 1 October.
After that, if they have not registered, they revert to the free version. If beta users refer friends during this time, and do register, they can also increase their quota up to 10,000.

What is files quota?

It is the number of files and folders that you can store in your Google Docs account and have synced by Syncdocs.

It is not the same as Google storage space which is the number of bytes you have available to store these files. You you can buy extra storage space from Google here, and extra sync file quota from Syncdocs here.

What happens when I exceed my Syncdocs file quota?

You don’t lose any data. Syncdocs just stops running in automatic mode, and you can only upload or download one file at a time. Once you increase your quota by registering or referring others, this limitation is removed.

I recommended a friend – when do I see my bonus quota?

Once they install and sign in to Syncdocs you should receive an email notification (if you asked for one).

You might need to restart Syncdocs to apply this increased quota.

Are there any limitations on invitations?

You can get a maximum quota of 10,000 through invitations.

To reduce gaming the bonus system, there is a limit to bonuses awarded to those registering friend accounts which are all running on the same PC, and all friend emails within the same non-Google email domain.

Do file revisions count toward the quota?

No. However, Google does count non-Docs format revisions toward your data usage, though.

Do duplicate files count?

No, since only the latest member of a set of duplicates syncs, duplicates on Google count as one file.

Do folders and shared items count?

Yes. The limit is defined as the number of unique items in your Google Docs account, independent of the owner or file format.

Do trashed files count toward the quota?

No. However, Google does count them in your space usage, though. You can use the free space menu of Syncdocs to wipe old Google trash to clear up space.

More Information

Detailed technical information is available in the frequently asked questions.

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