Become a Syncdocs Partner

Bring the cloud to your customers’ desktops with Syncdocs.

The Opportunity

Including Syncdocs in your Google Apps offering will help you sell to more customers and also increase the value-add per customer.

In recent surveys, medium-sized companies identified legacy data as a major reason for not adopting cloud computing. Syncdocs helps migrate data to the cloud. It also keeps customers happy, working in the way they’re used to, smoothing the transition to Google Apps.

Syncdocs makes moving to the cloud:

  • safe – a local backup is kept
  • easy – Google Docs appears as a folder or drive on the user’s PC
  • convenient – your users can move to the cloud at their own pace.

Google Apps is used by 4 million businesses with 5,000 more joining every day. By partnering with Syncdocs, Google Apps resellers accelerate their sales by providing an essential component of Google Apps – easy cloud data migration and management.

Benefits of being a Syncdocs partner

  • Attractive discounts.
  • Recurring revenue.
  • Opportunities to sell your professional services – get additional revenue streams and also provide additional services to your customers.
  • Add your own custom branding to Syncdocs.
  • Easily manage your users.
  • Minimum program requirements – become a member fast and start making money soon.
  • Provide a wider range of services to your customers.
  • Integration into the front line customer support flow.
  • Listing on the partner section of our website.

How to become a partner

Signing up as a reseller is quick and easy.

Step 1 – Sign up
Step 2 – After verification, we will send you a confirmation email.
Step 3 – Sign in to your partner page and start getting discounts.

Special introductory offer of 40% off

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