How-to add Google Docs as a Synced Library in Windows 7

What are libraries?

A seldom used feature of Windows 7 is libraries. Libraries let you consolidate folders from various places in one place. This makes it easier to find your files and folders.

Windows 7 comes with default libraries for documents, pictures, music and videos. You can add your own library to Google Docs, making it easy to save and sync files and folders.

How to make a new synced library for Google Docs

Open a new explorer window.

Click on Libraries and then New, and then include the location of your synchronized Google Docs. Syncdocs normally uses “My Google Docs”.

The library now appears as an easy shortcut for you to use.

Adding your synced Google folder to an existing library

You can also add your Syncdocs folder to an existing library, if you prefer, you can add your Google Docs as an item in your local Documents library. Just click on the  “Include Folder” button and add your synced Google Docs folder.

Sync favorites

Note that Syncdocs creates a favorite link to Google Docs by default, but Libraries provide another way of organizing your synchronized Google files, which you may prefer.


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