Selecting which folders sync

Why selective sync?

Selective sync allows you to select which folders to sync to Google Docs and Apps. This gives you much more control over what is synced to Google.

A reason for selective syncing might be to save bandwidth or storage space. For example you might have a main desktop PC and you want everything synced or backed up to Google Docs. You might have another netbook with much more limited storage and only want to sync work or a certain project folder with this netbook.

Another reason may be that you don’t want to download everything that others share with you.

Selecting collections

Syncdocs now lets you select the folders (collections) you want to sync on each PC. You can check the folders you want, and un-check those you don’t.

The checked items (like “Contacts”) are synced, while the unchecked items (like “Videos”) are not.

Shared collections

Another use for selective syncing is to ignore the files others share with you on Google Docs. In the image above, collections others share with you are shown at the bottom of the list. Often you don’t want all these folders on every PC.

How to access the selective sync menu in Syncdocs

To access the selective sync menu:

Right click on the Syncdocs taskbar icon, and select Preferences. Then in the folder tab, click the Select button

You’ll need Syncdocs version 1.23 or later for this feature.

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