Syncdocs 6.994 – minor bug fix release

This version of Syncdocs fixes a bug that occurs during installation or re-authentication with Google.

The bug shown was that “Password exceeds 80 characters”.

This bug was caused by Google upgrading their security to use very long OAuth tokens. Syncdocs has been fixed to store these longer tokens in the Windows secure credential store.

The bug is minor, and won’t affect you unless you install on a new PC, add a new user or re-authenticate.

How to Update
The upgrade is free and will happen automatically. The old Syncdocs version should ask if you want to update automatically in the next few days.

To update now, right click on the Syncdocs taskbar icon, go to Preferences -> Advanced -> “Check for Updates”.

You can also download the new version and install it over the old one.

Portable Google Drive Sync and forced 64 bit version

The 64 bit and portable (USB memory stick) versions are also updated to version 6.994 and can also be downloaded from

The portable versions now contain a link to the update files, as portable versions do not auto-update as they could be running from a USB memory stick.

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