What’s new in Syncdocs 6.1 beta

We’re happy to announce the beta of the next version of Syncdocs. We’ve made substantial improvements to the core sync engine, which mean much faster syncs and lower resource usage.

The main upgrades are:

  • Around half the maximum memory footprint of previous versions.
  • Much faster startup sync, no more “querying Google Drive” for minutes at a time at startup.
  • Better handling of Google Server errors. Google orphan files are detected and properly handled. Previously, these zombie Google Drive files could lead to duplicates or unnecessary syncs.
  • File integrity is double checked after download, to make sure that the Google Server sent the correct and full file.
  • Files can now be filtered by date, time, size, filename or folder name match, extension match or regular expression via the file filter tab, shown below.
  • Full very long file and pathname support. We’ve changed the way paths are handled to bypass the Windows 260 character limit, too. So maximum path length is now 32000 characters.
  • Many other smaller bugfixes and improvements.

We’ve thoroughly tested this version, on Windows XP, 7, 8.1 and 10, as well as Server 2008 R2 and Server 2010. We’d love any comments of suggestions.

The beta can be downloaded from http://www.syncdocs.com/downloads/SyncdocsBeta.msi

The next beta will be released in about 4 weeks with many other new features.


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