Syncdocs update and .NET library

The new Syncdocs requires some Microsoft Operating System patches from 2011. If you have not kept your OS up-to-date, or are running under Wine in Linux, you might need these patches.

.NET 4.0 required

The new Syncdocs version 5.98 uses Google features that require Microsoft .NET 4.0

For users of Windows XP this should be installed if Windows XP was allowed to automatically update. If not, it can be installed from Microsoft.

2011 update required

If you are running an old or non-updated version of Windows, Microsoft patch KB2468871 is also required.

Syncdocs should auto-install it if missing. You will see the following message if it is missing.


Syncdocs will pop-up the web page to download it.


Double click on the file on the bottom left to run it.


Wait a few minutes while the upgrade installs.

When it is done – re-run Syncdocs, by double clicking on the icon.


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