New Syncdocs 5.80 maintenance release

A new maintenance version of Syncdocs, version 5.80 has just been released. The main reason for this release is to be compatible with upcoming Google URL changes. The next major release of Syncdocs (version 6) will be out beta in late October. It contains many new features, will be faster and use less memory on 32bit systems.

Stop Syncdocs folder cluttering your Google Drive root

A new feature in this 5.80 release is the ability not to create any of its default folders in the root of your Google Drive.

Syncdocs makes folders for called Originals Backup, Shared, and Direct Uploads. The use and creation of these folders can now be turned off by un-checking the following option in the Folders Tab of the Preferences.

 google drive folders

Differences between old and new behaviour

 If you are upgrading from an older version of Syncdocs, there is no change – the folders will still be used, unless you un-check this option. However, new installations will not make these folders by default.

1. Right click Sharing to Google Drive

The old behaviour of sharing was to upload folders and files to the “Public Share” folder if these items were shared publicly.

The new behaviour is to upload shared files and folders to the root by default.

2. Right click Uploading files to Google Drive

Old files went into the “Direct Uploads” folder. New files go to the root.

3. Right click Encrypting and Uploading folders to Google Drive

There is no change. Folders, are created in the root, as a link to the original, if specified.

4. Backing up edited Google Docs and Contact Lists

The Originals Backup folder is no longer stored in local Google Drive root – rather it is saved with the user’s other Syncdocs settings. This folder contains the original files that might be corrupted by editing on Google, as well as the Contacts List backup.


6 Responses to New Syncdocs 5.80 maintenance release

    • admin says:

      Its currenly in internal testing, and development is finalizing some features, too. We expect to release the beta in December.

      Are you having issues with ver 5.80?

  • Chris Morgan says:

    I had to turn it off at work because I kept going over my 3gb quota. It seems to keep downloading files that, I far as I can tell, have not have been modified in any way.

  • Scott Rosenbloom says:

    This might not be related, but I can’t figure out how do you post to the Forums. My basic question is that if my Google Drive on the site, and my local folder (as set up by SyncDocs) are already identical (because I manually dragged and dropped everything from my local drive to the Google Drive site), will SyncDocs do anything?

    Also, if you could tell me how to post to the forums, that would be helpful!


    • admin says:

      You can register by clicking on Register on the top left, or clicking here

      To answer your question, Syncdocs will not re-sync files if the files and folder structure is already the same. It will check the files, and then only upload new or different ones. Existing files will not be re-synced.

  • Andrew King says:

    In future versions of the Syncdocs program can additional sync customization be built into the “Customized Sync Control” options? Specifically, it would be wonderful to allow renames, moves, and deletes to each be controlled individually.

    – Andrew

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