How to sync multiple Google Drive accounts at startup

Why multiple Google Drive accounts?

Sometimes you want to sync different Google Drive accounts simultaneously. For example, you might have a work Google Apps account and a personal Google Docs or Drive account. You might also have different accounts to keep different data sets separate, or you may be running Syncdocs on a server and want it to back-up many accounts automatically. Syncdocs can easily do this, as described in this post.

Getting multiple accounts to automatically start

However, if you set Syncdocs to automatically start when your computer starts up, only your main account is started. If you want more than one account to automatically, here’s how.

1. Setup the accounts, and create desktop shortcuts for each account. Here’s how to setup multiple Syncdocs accounts.

2. Once you have setup the accounts, you should have a shortcut on your desktop for each account:

3. Click on the Start Menu and select “All Programs”


4. Find the “Startup” folder and right click on it and then select “Open”

5. Drag and drop, or copy the Syncdocs shortcuts to the start menu.

Next time you login, these Google Drive accounts will startup and sync automatically.

More Advanced Startup Options

Run as a service

Syncdocs is a desktop app, not a Windows service, to run it as a service use SrvAny or ServiceEx

Performing a single sync at Startup

If you want to perform a single sync at startup, you can modify the shortcut with the “–OnlyRunSyncOnce” parameter. So the shortcut command line is like:
syncdocs –OnlyRunSyncOnce -u

There is more information on Syncdocs command line paramenters. You can open, edit, upload or view files or folders at startup.

Scheduled backups

The normal Syncdocs backup schedule works exactly the same if started at Startup.

Syncing accounts sequentially

If you want to run a backup of many Google Drive accounts sequentially, you can create a batch file with the following type of content:

syncdocs –OnlyRunSyncOnce -u
syncdocs –OnlyRunSyncOnce -u
syncdocs –OnlyRunSyncOnce -u



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