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Volume Discount

After the introductory special, the discount is:

Sales volume



per month

















Sales volume is the total sales for the period in the preceding 90 days, plus the number of licenses bought in the current order.

For example if the current order is for 5 licenses and you have bought 10 licenses in the last 90 days, then the sales volume is 15, and your discount is 30%

Discounts are only calculated for the period after registering as a reseller. Reseller registration is required to receive discounts. Even if you leave the reseller program, or if your discount rate changes, the annual renewal fee will not increase, your users are charged the same price for renewal that they signed up at.

Syncdocs does not set the retail price you charge. Our billing relationship is with you as a reseller, not with your customer.

You will receive the invoices etc. as a reseller at your registered reseller email and also to your PayPal email. You can invoice your customers separately at your price.

Your customers are looking to you for technology guidance. We appreciate this trusted relationship, and would like to see Syncdocs bring benefits both to you and to your customers.