Reseller Custom Branding

How to add your custom branding to Syncdocs

As a reseller, you can change the way Syncdocs looks to your customers:

  • Use your own logo
  • Use your own web site for users seeking help
  • Use your own web site for users seeking more information

Here’s how to brand Syncdocs

You can specify the custom branding when you set up your account. If you want to add it or change it later

1. First log in to your reseller account.

2. Click on the “My Details” button.  At the bottom check the option “Use custom branding”

3. Fill in the URL’s of your own home page, help page and logo image.


How these partner options look

Adding your own web page and help page

The web page and help page options allow you to add your own custom help and home pages.

When your customer clicks on “About” in the Syncdocs menu, he or she will be shown the About screen with a link to your home page.

When your customer clicks on “Help” in the Syncdocs menu, he or she will be taken to your own custom help page. You can include additional help links to Syncdocs as shown in this sample Help page.

Custom Image Logo

You can also specify your own logo branding to use. This is shown in Syncdocs instead of the the normal Syncdocs cloud logo.

There is a sample logo file here:

The image is loaded from your website at Syncdocs startup and shown instead of the Syncdocs logo.

The dimensions should be 626×88 pixels. The format can be jpeg or png. Other sizes are OK within limits, as are other formats. It is best to stick close to the size and aspect ratio for best visual effect.


Partial branding

If any of the branding fields are left blank, then Syncdocs will not show that part of the custom branding. The others will work fine. For example it is possible to leave the custom help and logo image blank and only show your custom About web page.


Make sure your URL’s are valid by testing them in a browser.

Your customers need version 2.25 (released March 26 2012) and above of Syncdocs. You can download it here.

If the branding is not working, you can also view the error in the Syncdocs error log. For example if your image does not exist you will see this in the log:

3/23/2012 09:59:03(ver. 2.24) Error loading custom branding image
The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.  System.Net.WebException : sd criticality=3

You can fix this error by pointing the image link to your image, or leaving it blank to default to the Syncdocs image.