How to Restore your Google Contacts List

Syncdocs backs up your Google contact list once a day.

Here is how to restore the backup that Syncdocs makes.

1. Select Google Contacts

Log into your GMail account and select “Contacts”


2. Select “Import” to restore your Contacts



3. Click “Choose File”



4. Choose the Backup file

Select the backup file that Syncdocs made. This is in your “My Google Docs” , “Originals Backup” folder.

Select the file called “Google Contacts Backup”


5. Select the Import Button


You’re done!

You have now restored your contacts.



Advanced features

You can Merge your contacts on import to remove duplicates


Older backups

Syncdocs backs up once a day. If you want an older backup from the two days prior, select the “Previous Google Contacts Backup” file in step 4 above instead. Even older backup files are in your recycle bin.


Disabling Contact Backup Altogether

If, for some reason, you do not wish to backup your contacts, uncheck this options in the Syncdocs settings: