Buy Domain Licence

To buy a domain licence for Syncdocs click a button below:

Automatic renewal each year

To buy a domain licence that automatically renews each year at $995.00 per year

You can cancel your auto-renewal at any time by clicking here.


 Manual renewal

If you wish to pay just once and renew your licence yourself each year by re-visiting this page.

Buy a single year’s domain licence at $995.00 per year.

Though PayPal

or through PayMate

Pay with Paymate Express



1. No PayPal or PayMate account is needed, payment by credit cards is handled by PayPal or PayMate as a credit card payment processor.
2. Even though Paypal or PayMate sends invoices/receipts, Syncdocs will also send you an invoice or receipt by email.
3. Please contact us to check your domain details before purchasing a licence.