Google Password to Permissions Change.

Google is tightening the account security used for drive. After April 2015, passwords will no longer be an option for Google Drive Syncdocs users, as discussed here. Google based permissions will be required.


The most recent Syncdocs update walks you through the process. If you are still using a password, after the update you will see the following popup:

Google Drive passwords to permissions change

Clicking OK will take you to the Google permissions web page. (you may need to login or select an account first)


You will need to click “Accept” to give Syncdocs access to your Google Drive files. Here’s a detailed discussion of the access Syncdocs needs and what it needs it for.

That’s it. Syncdocs will now go back to work as usual.

Note for Windows Server users

If you running Syncdocs on a Windows Server, the “Requests for Permissions” web page may be blank.

On a Windows Server IE may be locked down by default. You will need to add * and * to the trusted sites and lowering the trusted sites security level to low to show the permissions page.



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