How to sync multiple Google Drive accounts from USB flash drive

Google Drive sync with multiple accounts simultaneously to a USB memory stick

Syncdocs can work in portable mode. In this mode it keeps all your Google Drive files and Syncdocs program files on an external drive like a USB flash drive or memory stick.

Using the desktop shortcut wizard or command shortcut to run in portable mode works fine for a single account from a flash drive.

If you want to sync multiple accounts at the same time from a flash drive, here is one way to do it:

  1. Open the folder on the memory stick in explorer. Look for the file called  PortableSyncdocs.cmd
  2. Open this file in a text editor like Notepad.
  3. Add your account username emails:
    start syncdocs.exe -portable -u
    start syncdocs.exe -portable -u
    start syncdocs.exe -portable -u
  4. Save the file in Notepad
  5. Run this PortableSyncdocs.cmd file as usual to start Syncdocs in portable mode. You will see multiple Syncdocs icons on the taskbar, in various colors, one for each account, as usual.