Hybrid Google Drive and Local PC Search

Syncdocs now lets you search your Google Drive and synced folders easily. You can choose whether to open the local or Google copy of the file.

How to use hybrid search

1. Click on the “Search” menu

2. Enter what you’re looking for

You can search either for file names or full text contents

3. Click on the results

Click on the PC icon to open the file locally, or the Google icon to open the file online. To open the folder location on your PC, click on the location.

2 Responses to Hybrid Google Drive and Local PC Search

  • Ihor Staruch says:

    The “Search” function has diappeared from the menu since I registered for Full Standar License. Why is that and how do I get it back?

    • Andrew says:

      The search feature is still there, however, it is not visible until Syncdocs has completed its first sync after startup. If you wait for the sync to complete, or during subsequent syncs it is available.

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