More Control over Selecting what Syncs

Easy selection

Syncdocs lets you select what syncs in the selective sync menu.

You can also on select any folder on your PC or network to sync.

There are also options in the Preferences menu that allow one directional syncing, exclusion of network shares or exclusion of non-Google file types.

New selective sync features

How to exclude files in the root folder

A new feature of Syncdocs version 2 is the ability to ignore files that are in the top level (root) folder on Google Docs. Many times, you only want to sync certain folders on Google, to the exclusion of everything else. This option ignores files not in any folder, too.

Advanced file and folder exclusion

For advanced users, Syncdocs can be set to ignore specific file names or file types.

Note that doing this requires editing a settings xml file. You can break your Syncdocs if you destroy this settings file. If you do break the settings, you can repair Syncdocs, either by re-installing it, or by clicking on the “Default Settings” button in the Preferences.

To set which file types sync, first exit Syncdocs.

Then edit the settings file called appsettings.xml in the folder:


and edit the section “FileAndFolderNamesToIgnore

Not syncing certain file or folder names

To ignore all files called “thumbs.db”, add  thumbs.db to the list:


Files or folders (collections) in this list will be ignored.

Not syncing certain file types

Syncdocs can also ignore certain extensions:


The above will ignore all .lnk and .LNK extensions.

Extensions are case sensitive.

Restart Syncdocs when done.

5 Responses to More Control over Selecting what Syncs

  • Thijs J. Aartsma says:

    Changes to the appsettings.xml file were not permanent in my case, so “Advanced file and folder exclusion” method did not work. It would be very useful to me. Any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      You need to exit Syncdocs before making the changes, otherwise they will not be permanent, as the program will re-write the file.

  • Frederik says:

    Hi, is there a way to use wildcards?
    We have some huge folders we do not want to sync and it would be useful if we could ignore it like this:


    Using wildcards or even better, using regular expressions…

  • Peter says:

    I have been syncing selected folders as per above. Now I would like to sync afolder higher in the tree than the folders I have been syncing, thus still including these folders.

    I unchecked the folders I have been syncing and exited.

    When I try to select the higher folder I get the message that I am already syncing the folder or the one I want to sync includes folders I am already syncing.

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