How to Sync Dropbox and Google Drive

Update: there’s now an easier way to do this – see this post

Syncdocs works fine in parallel along with Dropbox. You can sync to both Google Drive and Dropbox simultaneously.

Multiple Syncs

There are various reasons one might want to sync to Google Drive and Dropbox at the same time. The main reason is to get your Dropbox files synced with Google Docs and Drive. This means you can easily edit Dropbox files online and share them to anyone.

Another reason is Dropbox has better Mac/Linux support than Syncdocs, so you can use Syncdocs and Dropbox together to sync files from your Mac and PC to Google Drive. You might also want to sync to multiple cloud servers for redundancy. Syncdocs uses Google Storage to store your data and Dropbox uses Amazon S3.

Folder structure

Both Syncdocs and Dropbox use folder-based sync. You can setup either inside the other:

google docs inside dropbox


dropbox inside syncdocs

 or just point the Syncdocs data folder to the same folder as you use for Dropbox data

dropbox and google docs sync at same folder level

Syncdocs asks you what folder you want to use during setup.If you want to change this folder after installation, right click on the Syncdocs taskbar icon, select ‘Preferences’ and then change the folder.

change sync folder

 Administrative Users on Windows 7/Vista

On Windows 7 and Vista, Dropbox runs with Administrator privileges by default, while Syncdocs does not.  So if both programs point to the same folders, you will need to run Syncdocs as Administrator, too. This is to give Syncdocs permission to see changes made by Dropbox.

You can run a Syncdocs as Administrator by right clicking on the desktop icon or Syncdocs.exe file and selecting “Run as Administrator”. There is also a shortcut in the Start menu to run Syncdocs as Admin.

Syncdocs will still sync if not run as Administrator, but will not detect new files or file renames created by Dropbox, so for full operation, run both as Administrator.

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