Arbitrary Folder Sync

We’re busy testing some new features in Syncdocs.  If you’d like to try these new features now too, then download this beta version .

This version is not fully tested, so do not use it for critical data. This version does not need registration. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions on the forum.

New features

Selective sync now works locally too

Previously, Syncdocs only let you select which Google folders you could or could not sync. This feature now works locally, to let you ignore or sync local folders, too.

To access the selective sync menu.

1. Right click on the Syncdocs taskbar icon, and select Preferences. Then in the folder tab, click the Select button



2. Use the check boxes to select which folders (collections) you do or do not want synced. Both local and Google folders are shown.

Folders shared with you on Google are also shown.

Sync any folder on your computer

The “Add folder” button above lets you add folders that are anywhere on your PC to sync to Google. The folders you select do not have to be in your “My Google Docs” folder.

Syncdocs will show a link to these folders in your Google Docs folder, but the folders and data live elsewhere on your hard disk.

There are currently a few limitations to this: you cannot select your Windows system directory, or an entire drive. If the folder is on a removable drive, Syncdocs won’t let you sync it, and advises you to copy it instead. The feature is not supported on Windows 98 or ME file systems (FAT32).

Easier Dropbox to Google Docs sync

You can more easily add a folder inside your Dropbox folder to sync to Google Docs or vice versa, using the “Add folder” feature.

 Upload files or folders by right clicking on them

You can upload a file or folder to Google Docs straight from the right click menu in Windows:

Upload files or folders from the command line

 Uploading existing files

To upload an existing file (of any type) from your PC to Google Docs:

syncdocs.exe upload “C:\path\filename.ext”

If exactly the same file (based on contents, file name and time) is already on Google Docs, then the file is not uploaded again. If the file is uploaded, it is uploaded to the “Direct Uploads” collection on Google.


 Uploading folders

You can upload entire folder trees in the same way:

syncdocs.exe upload “C:\path\folder\”

Note the trailing slash “folder\”.  Syncdocs will upload the whole folder tree on the next sync, if it is not already on Google. The folder is synced to your Google Docs folder root, not DirectUploads like files.

Other improvements

Syncdocs now uploads items so that only the root folder shows in “Home” on Google Docs, while all items show in “All items”.

Syncdocs now handles dates before year 1601 and after 7000 on Google Docs.

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